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A house decorated entirely with Budweiser beer cans with FREE beer could be yours…

If you love nothing more than an ice cold can of Budweiser and you’re on the look out for a new gaff then you might want to consider snapping up this home that’s perfect for beer lovers.

Yep, new to the market is this two bedroom flat that from the outside looks like any ordinary apartment – but once you step inside it’s a whole different story.

The ‘House of Budweiser’, located in Lake Worth in Florida, is up for sale for $100,000 (£78,000), but as well as getting a home with such enviable décor, you’ll also get a fridgeful of free Budweiser if you promise to keep it as it is.

The flat, which has cans covering the walls and ceilings, was previously owned by a man named Michael Amelotte, who spent a whopping 16 years creating the masterpiece you see before you. He decorated the whole place with empty cans of Budweiser – and I’m guessing he drank a fair few too.

As well as the many, many cans there’s also plenty of Budweiser merch throughout. However, you might be pleased to learn that the bathroom is Budweiser free.

Credit: Kearney & Associates Realty
Credit: Budweiser USA

Jesse Kearney from Kearney & Associates Realty, the company selling the flat, said: “The pictures just don’t give you the magnitude. What you’re seeing is basically he’s covered every inch. He’s even gone as far as to do the crown moulding [cornices].”

The estate agent went on to say: “Budweiser’s biggest fan meticulously adorned the walls and ceilings with Budweiser beer cans to display and showcase their intense love for one of America’s favourite domestic brews.

Credit: Kearney & Associates Realty
Credit: Budweiser USA

“Whether you keep the current décor for your YouTube beer show or decide to renovate the home, this property offers tons of entertainment potential.

“Raise a glass to originality and call now to schedule your private tour of this unbelievable opportunity. Cheers!”

Even the closet is adorned with the Budweiser cans
Credit: Budweiser USA

While estate agent Kristen Adams-Kearney told TODAY Home she was ‘blown away’ when she first laid eyes on the ‘unique place’. You can say that again – imagine waking up here with a hangover.

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