Why are we giving away gold?

Its crazy right… We’re just giving away gold bars. Why would we do that?

Think of all the time you spend on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. What do the pages you visit, give back to you?

You read news, watch funny cat videos, watch a ton of ads. These pages make a lot of money on you reading/watching their content through ads, yet they give nothing back to you.

We want to change that.

How does it work?

We will go live on Facebook (other platforms will follow), with a gold bar “hidden in plain sight”. We will choose a location that has some distinguishable features in the background. And in the foreground of the video, will be our bar of gold. The first person to recognize the location, and get to us and find the gold bar, keeps it.


If you want to be notified whenever we post or go live, simply follow us and turn on notifications.

Visit our Facebook page…, and like and follow us! Also be sure to turn on notifications. When we go live with the next gold hunt, you will be notified instantly. We will try not to post too much stuff, overloading your notifications.

Of course if you just want to take your chances that you will see our live feed, that is totally your choice 😉

We are so excited to be getting started, and it leaves us just one more thing to say…. Good luck.

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