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A Talented Artist Reveals What The Simpsons Would Looks Like As Real People

Ever wondered what your favourite characters from The Simpsons would look like if they were real people? Well, you’re in luck. Believe it or not, a Turkish artist has created incredible real-life images of the famous cartoon stars during lockdown – and you won’t believe your eyes.

Hossein Diba is a character artist who specialises in modelling, sculpting, texturing and shading of characters for games, cinema, 3D prints and more.

Having been designing characters and creatures for various projects since 2008, for his latest trick Diba has decided to turn his attention to the weird and wonderful world of The Simpsons, Matt Groening’s long-running sitcom about a family of bright yellow Americans.

Diba has been sharing his creations on Instagram – where he has more than 77,000 followers – along with behind-the-scenes process videos over on his YouTube page.

Many fans commented on how incredible they thought the designs were, with one user adding: “Best realistic Homer rendering I’ve ever seen, 10/10.”

Others thought the creations were ‘terrifying’ or ‘super scary’, but couldn’t fault the skill – with one Instagram user commenting: “The 3D realisation is superb!!!”

Along with Homer, Bart and Marge, the talented artist has even managed to recreate Mr Burns, writing on Instagram: “Here is my version of Mr. Burns!Again tried to achieve a nice balance between realism and stylised. Hope you like it, cheers.”

For Bart, Diba actually used a previous digital sculpture of Brad Pitt, saying he decided to do so ‘just for fun’.

Diba is also encouraging others to try scultping their own version of The Simpsons using the hashtag #SculptSimpsonsInYourStyle. Why not give it a go, even if all you have to hand is an old ball of plasticine?

If you do fancy scultping digitally like Diba, he’s shared some tips in a YouTube video, explaining how he starts with ‘a simple dynamesh sphere’ and begins ‘sculpting some forms, any forms, it could be a face, an object, an animal, whatever you feel like sculpting’.

He said: “It’s a great practice to understand the shapes and improve your sculpting skills, I still do it a lot when I get the chance!”

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