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Man’s Romantic Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong After Fiancee Falls From 650ft Cliff

A romantic marriage proposal went badly wrong when a woman fell from the edge of a cliff, within seconds of saying ‘yes’.

Incredibly, the 32-year-old woman survived the fall from the 650ft (200m) cliff in Carinthia, Austria, after snow broke her fall.

Meanwhile, her 27-year-old fiance, who had leaped after her, was left hanging on for his life, after he soared nearly 50ft (17m) through the air, the Bild reports.

Man's Romantic Proposals Goes Wrong After Fiancee Falls From 650ft Cliff

A police officer who attended the incident said: “The two were extremely lucky!

“He flew 15 meters through the air. The woman fell 200 meters over rocky terrain.

“Had it not been for snow, it would have turned out very differently.”

The unlucky couple had trekked to the top of the mountain, where the man had popped the question.

But their happiness was short lived as the woman slipped in the snow and fell over the edge.

The man leapt out and made a grab for her, but unfortunately, also lost his footing and ended up sailing over the edge with her.

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A passer-by spotted the woman, who landed on a frozen lake, and was able to raise the alarm.

A helicopter was sent to the cliff edge where the man was clinging on and he was safely rescued.

The newly-engaged couple were both taken to hospital where the man was diagnosed with a vertebrate fracture.

Not the best start to an engagement, but at least it’s something to tell the grandkids in years to come.

And this unfortunate fella isn’t the only man to see his romantic proposal end in disaster.

Earlier this year, a man from Sheffield, set fire to his flat after carefully planning out the perfect proposal.

The man decided to set the scene for ultimate romance, filling the room with balloons, and ‘hundreds’ of tea light candles.

After carefully setting up the romantic scene, he nipped ‘around the corner’ to go and pick his girlfriend up – but when they returned to the flat, it was on fire thanks to the unattended tealights.

Credit: South Yorkshire Fire
Credit: Ladbible

Although the room was badly damaged, there were no injuries and, perhaps most importantly, she said ‘yes’.

In a tweet about the incident, South Yorkshire Police warned: “As romantic as they are, and as much as we all love ’em, candles can be SO dangerous.”

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