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McDonald’s Has Launched A New Menu Including A Spicy Quarter Pounder

McDonald’s is adding some exciting new items to the menu as of today, including – a spicy quarter pounder burger.

The new spicy twist is joined by a McChicken BLT sandwich, a deluxe quarter pounder, nacho cheese wedges and a salted caramel latte.

However, it’s the spicy quarter pounder that has caught a lot of people’s eyes. But what can we expect to see from it?

Basically, it’s the same as a regular quarter pounder burger, but it comes with pepper jack cheese, onions, jalapenos, mustard and a spicy ketchup.

he new spicy addition is priced at £4.79 – which is just over £1 more expensive than the regular quarter pounder, priced at £3.49.

While the McChicken BLT, which costs £5.19, is just like a normal McChicken sandwich – a crispy chicken patty with lettuce and mayo – but with added bacon.

Credit: McDonald's
Credit: McDonalds

McDonald’s is also releasing a deluxe version of its quarter pounder – which it describes as a “fancy” version of its iconic burger.

The quarter pounder deluxe – priced at £4.89 – contains a beef patty, shredded lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles, onions, mayo, ketchup, mustard, and streaky bacon.

The full price list is below:

  • Spicy quarter pounder with cheese – £4.79
  • Quarter pounder deluxe – £4.89
  • McChicken BLT – £5.19
  • Nacho cheese wedges – £1.79
  • Nacho cheese wedges (sharebox) – £4.79
  • Salted caramel latte – £1.69
Nacho cheese wedges are making a return to the McDonald's menu
Credit: McDonalds

For those who aren’t into burgers, the fast food chain is also bringing back its nacho cheese wedges – which come in two sizes – and adding a sweet salted caramel latte to its menu just in time for autumn.

The wedges – which cost £1.79 for a regular portion with five bites, or £4.79 for a sharebox with 20 pieces – are bites of melted spicy jalapeno cheese, covered in fried tortilla chips.

The new menu items will be released today, October 7, for six weeks until Tuesday, November 17.

Customers can order them in restaurants, drive-thrus or for home delivery.

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