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REVEALED: The weirdest things divorcing couples dispute – from a fruit bowl to parrots

A UK law firm has revealed the most bizarre household items divorcing couples have fought to keep – including a Henry the hoover and a doll’s house. 

Hawkins Family Law Firm shared a list of the most unusual items angry ex’s have argued about – and can you believe it? Coasters came out on top! 

Pets were unsurprisingly a running theme in disputes, with parrots, dogs and even dog clothes being contested. 

But there were also some unsurprising entries, with couples locked in  battle fighting over Star Wars figurines.

Credit: The Sun

A spokesperson for the law firm said: “Ultimately the parrot came to court in a taxi covered over and the couple agreed to have shared time with it.”

And revealing what happened to the dogs, they added: “The great danes had played a major role in the wedding ceremony and were again like the children of the couple meaning their significance was huge. 

“Notwithstanding the cost and space that was required to care for them the couple eventually agreed a shared ‘custody’ arrangement.”

And,to make things worse, even after the legal eagles offered to buy more coasters for the couple at war over their set, this still wasn’t enough for the angry ex-husband and wife.

Lawyers revealed: “This was a long, difficult case with little money which is why arguing over drinks coasters was so tough – even when I offered to buy more that did not solve the issue.

“The inability to let go of the relationship was the issue here.”

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