Vegan Youtuber Orgasms After Rediscovering Meat

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Tim Shieff amassed quite the following with his many YouTube posts, but posting viral videos certainly is not his only talent. A two-time winner of ITV’s Ninja Warrior, Derby native, Shieff built his fandom with a series of videos highlighting his free-running talents. He claimed the Barclaycard World Freerun Championship in 2009 and participated in MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Championship, so his aptitude has been well-documented.An outspoken proponent of an animal-free diet, Shieff positioned himself as a poster boy of the Vegan lifestyle. Along the way, he founded ETHCS, an ethical, cruelty-free clothing line.Then his health began to fail.Injury after injury and long, lengthy rehabs became the new normal for Shieff even though his life had been built around fitness and a powerful physical prowess. Desperately trying to find a way to keep his body running, the YouTube star loudly proclaimed the health benefits of drinking his own urine.

For two entire years, Shieff drank his urine putting the act on public display on several occasions.If you thought the unbelievable part of this story was about a man gulping down his own urine for two years straight … you’d be wrong, because Tim Shieff’s story take a hard turn at the point he gave up his Vegan ways.In a YouTube video explaining it all to his 175,000 subscribers, Tim said, “He had become very fragile, and couldn’t do push-ups without getting injured.” He said this struggle went on for three, hard years.And then he dropped a startling confession.Starting with a few raw eggs after visiting a free-range farm, Tim went on to try some wild caught salmon. Salmon his body obviously enjoyed, because Tim confessed that very night he had a “wet dream.”This climax of a dream came after a “months long” inability to ejaculate.So, it turns out, not only are there plenty of fish in the sea, but those fish can be quite satisfying indeed.

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