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Drinking Alcohol With Diet Soft Drink OFFICIALLY Gets You More Drunk

Crazy Tik Tok science guru Dr Karl Kruszelnick has taken the internet by storm after recently revealing that drinking alcohol with diet soft drink makes you drunker.

Australia’s favourite brainiac dished out the interesting piece of information on his TikTok channel, which you absolutely should be following if you aren’t already,

@drkarl DRINKING ALCOHOL WITH DIET SOFT DRINK MAKES YOU DRUNKER. Ever wondered why? Here’s the answer #getonthebeers#drkarlkruszelnicki#drkarl#shoey
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“It turns out that a standard rum and diet coke has the same amount of alcohol as a standard rum and regular coke, but it has half the calories,” he explained in the video.

He adds that when you chuck that delicious rumbo down your gob, it will go down to the stomach before heading to the smaller intestine. It’s here where the liquid gold will get absorbed.

“Your stomach expels the liquid at a fixed rate of around two-to-three calories a minute,” he said.

Credit: TikTok
Credit: Tik Tok

“So a rum and diet coke will get out of your stomach, into the next section, where it gets absorbed faster, and the blood alcohol level will go up higher and it will do it sooner than a rum and regular coke.”

This is due to the fact that the lack of sugar means your body isn’t breaking it down and instead focuses more on dealing with the alcohol.

Suggesting that the eccentric scientist is partial to a bevvy himself, if you hadn’t noticed, he’s doing it all in front of a photograph of himself drinking out of a shoe. Or as the Aussies say “doing a shoey’.

One user commented: “Mate is that you doing a shoey in the background???”

Another added: “Only in Australia do you get a scientist dropping knowledge in front of a pic of him doing a shoey.”

But that isn’t the only words of wisdom you’ll find on Dr Karl’s TikTok. The science guru and his loud shirts tackle everything from black holes to alkaline diets, and one sassy video even sees him takes aim at flat-earthers.

You only have to take a look at his Tik Tok channel to find out. Take a look at this video where he chats about trypophobia if you really want to be creeped out.

Credit: Tik Tok

With over 103,000 followers, Dr Karl is proving to be a hit with the cool kids on social media, which isn’t something you see often from a grey haired scientist with year’s of industry experience.

Is Dr Karl finally making science fun?

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