Have YOU been drinking wine wrong your entire life? Experts reveal the right way to sip your vino…

If you love a glass of vino and see yourself as a bit of a connoisseur, we guarantee you’ve still been making this massive wine faux pas.

According to a new study, one of the main errors Brits are making when enjoying their fave tipple is filling the glass up – to the top.

You may think there’s no harm is adding an extra glug into the glass, but it turns out it’s actually having a huge effect on the flavour and taste of the wine you’re sipping.

According to wine experts, it’s all to do with aeration – the process by which air is circulated through a liquid to enhance the taste.

If there’s space in your glass, you are able to give it a swirl and allow the aeration to take place, whereas if you’ve filled to the brim, you’ll likely be sipping a wine that hasn’t reached its full flavour potential.


There’s varying advice on how high to fill your wine, but a general rule is one-third full for red, one-half full for white and three-quarters full for sparkling wines like prosecco or champagne.

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Some others say you should only fill your white wine to one-third of the way to stop it from warming up too much in the glass, which also sounds about right- noboy wants a warm glass of chardonnay.

The study of 2,000 adults also asked Brits about some of the other most popular wine errors, too.

Our biggest mistakes include holding a glass by the bulb rather than the stem, adding ice, lemonade or coke to water it down and even heating red wine on a radiator.

Over 30% of Brits have served red wine directly from the bottle instead of allowing it to ‘breathe’ first and 18% have drunk white wine at room temperature, without chilling it in the fridge or over ice before.

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Four in 10 admitted to drinking wine from something other than a wine glass and a quarter have served white wine with red meat. Who are these people?

In a battle of red vs white, red wine was found to be the nation’s favourite, although one in eight argued it should be served cold.

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