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Here’s what Disney Princesses would look like if they were on Tinder

You know the dating scene is rough when even Disney princesses are forced to look for love on apps.

Poor Cinderalla has to convince the Prince they’ve met in real life ― and he’s way more transparent about his foot fetish over direct messages than he is in the movie.

Take a look at these hilarious Disney Princess dating profiles.


She may have long, shiny, hair and gorgeous, sun-kissed skin but this Princess comes with plenty of baggage…not to mention her trust issues.


Take her on a date and she’ll have to be home by midnight. She probably won’t keep both of her shoes on either.


You better be nice to this Disney Princess or she’ll be sure to bite. Trained in martial arts, she’d have you in a headlock in no time.


Get your flippers on and get ready to swim if you fancy a date with Ariel. P.S don’t take her to a seafood restaurant.


By the sounds of it, Elsa wants to go somewhere warm and sunny, away from any sight of snowmen. Can you really blame her?


This glamorous princess has a wild side, not to mention a wild animal. Why can’t she just have a Chihuahua?


Give her a glass of wine and she’ll be anyone you want her to be.


Belle loves a man with hair, so if you’ve got a beard, chances are you’re in with a chance. She also has a pretty epic house.


Tired of kissing frogs, Tiana wants a real man. Don’t we all ladies? Get to the back of the Tinder que, girl.


You’re gonna have to cough up if you fancy a date with Snow. She doesn’t travel lightly, and she’ll probably bring seven other men along, too. Hopefully, Sleepy will stay in bed, so you only have to pay for six of them.


If you like girls with long hair, you’re in for a treat. Just don’t ask her to whip it back and forth as she’d probably knock you out with those heavy locks.


Merida is a pretty feisty little red head, and you’re probably going to get stood up if you arrange a date with her. Save yourself the hassle, guys.

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