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How YOU can visit the American Horry Story House this Halloween

If you’re looking for a spooky event to attend this Halloween and love American Horror Story, we’ve got a frightening experience ready and waiting for you.

You will finally get the chance to visit the Murder House from the first series of the show.

With nine seasons of the show in the bag and a tenth on the way, viewers can take a look around the property for a Halloween weekend special.

For obvious reasons, fans can’t actually physically go to the house – which is also known as the Rosenheim house – but a virtual experience will be offered instead. It will be the first time the house has been opened up to the public.

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The event will run from Thursday 29 October to Sunday 1 November.

The ‘paranormal Halloween weekend live stream’ will be a creepy event where the infamous house will see a load of real-life people and experts visit.

The house’s owners, Dr Ernst von Schwarz and his wife Angela Oakenfold, will feature.

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There will also be appearances from white witch Patti Negri, vampire expert Michelle Belanger, Halloween expert and historian Lisa Morton, and tarot expert Sasha Graham.

There will also be a session with real-life exorcist Bishop James Long.

If you fancy have a look at the iconic house itself, you will have to pay $25 (£19.16) for an e-ticket.

This will get you 24-hour access to the building over the whole of the event.

There are 14 cameras set up through the house and every single moment will be live streamed.

Virtual access means that you can have a look whenever you fancy to see what spooky events are going on.

And it’s not just for lovers of American Horror Story and all things creepy, it’s also all for a great cause.

Part of the profits will go to Baby2Baby, a charity that provides essential items to underprivileged children from the ages of 0-12, across a number of disadvantaged areas of the United States.

You can see the full schedule of events on the Murder House website.

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