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There’s now a limited edition version of Monopoly for ‘Sore Losers’

We all know a sore loser. Someone who hates losing and refuses to accept the fact they got beat.

Sore losers tend to be worse at Christmas when the Monopoly board comes out, throwing a tantrum if they lose or even flipping the board.

Well, maybe it’s time to introduce the loser of the family to this new Monopoly game which is designed with them in mind.

Available at Argos for £18, it’s been dubbed as one of the top Christmas gift ideas of 2020 by independent trade organisation the Toy Retailers Association.

It featured in the top 12 of the association’s annual DreamToys list, which breaks down the most desirable Christmas gifts in the UK.

Credit: Argos

In the description on the Argos website, it says the product is a ‘hilarious twist’ on the classic game as it ‘turns losing on its head and celebrates it instead’.

It goes on: “Players earn cash by doing the typically frustrating things in the game such as going to Jail, paying rent on a property, or going bankrupt. And those who really start sinking can make a comeback using the large Mr. Monopoly token that gives players advantages over everyone else.”

The Monopoly For Sore Losers game will have players actually wanting to land on useless board spaces, pay taxes and rent, and even go to Jail because they’ll collect Sore Loser coins.

If you get four Sore Loser coins and cash them in for the Mr. Monopoly token, you will then be able to ‘stomp’ around the board collecting money instead of paying out.

Other games and toys in the top 12 of the list include the Lego Harry Potter Hedwig and the Star Wars Mandalorian Baby Yoda from Mattel.

Credit: Argos

Gary Grant, chair of the DreamToys selection committee, sees toys as an essential part of Christmas. He said: “2020 has been a challenging year for all, but toys have entertained and educated many during lockdown.

“This year’s list represents a mixture of those toys which have kept families company during these difficult times, and innovation which will impress under the tree. We hope toys will continue to bring joy to all families over the festive period – as they have always done.”

He went on to explain how parents/carers/present buyers in general should act fast, adding: “This is not to panic people but there will be some unhappy children at Christmas if parents aren’t organised. Buying toys is very different this year.

“Our biggest concern is capacity – both for shopping in person and online for delivery. Due to Covid restrictions across the country, retailers will simply not be able to serve as many people in store due to social distancing.”

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