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Lads On Night Out Who Became Viral Meme Reveal How They REALLY Feel About It

You’ve probably seen this meme of four lads on a night out – and if you haven’t you’re about to.

In recent weeks, the photo has become a viral meme, with millions of likes, shares, and comments across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The boys have been photoshopped with the heads of Government leaders, transformed to sing an Irish anthem, and had various quotes written above their heads, some of which could be taken offensively.

Nobody knew who these four lads even were, until now. So who actually are they? How did this photo come about? And how do they feel about their new found fame?

Kevin Rooney, Alex Lacey, Jamie Phillips and Connor Humpage were on a night out in Birmingham when they had the fateful picture taken outside an All Bar One 18 months ago.

Recalling how the picture came about, Jamie told LADbible: “So we were going out in Birmingham for a night out.

“Drinking vodka on the train I think we were.

“We’ve come out the train station, thought we were all just gonna get a picture, we asked a stranger, we asked some random ‘take a photo of us’.”

The rest, is history – as you can see:

But don’t feel bad about having a laugh at their expense – the boys can take it.

Asked if they were OK with the memes, Connor said: “Yeah we’ve got to be, ain’t we?

“Taking the p*ss out of us having like skinny jeans. Well yeah, I’m 6ft 4ins man, I’ve got skinny legs.”

As for whether he was wearing the glasses for vision or fashion, he said: “I thought they were fashion but clearly they’re not fashionable.”

Kevin added: “Some of the comments are just ridiculous, if you were to actually take it on board and take it to heart, what is the point?”

sad, innit? | Four Lads In Tight Jeans | Know Your Meme

Indeed, Jamie said some people even seem to think that they actually sang the sea shanty in perhaps the greatest of all the memes made from that one photo – which is clearly extremely ridiculous.

Generally though, people just want to know who is the hardest.

Jamie said: “I’ve just had loads of messages asking who’s the hardest, would Alex take all three of us.”

He added: “Alex is the strongest in this chat, all day.”

Kevin added: “He’s the Gary Barlow of the group.”

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