New Snapchat Filter Makes Your Dog Look Like A Disney Character

Snapchat and Instagram filters can be a bit hit-and-miss. Some can instantly remove your flaws and make you look like Kim Kardashian, whilst others can mutate your mug so much you end up looking like a creature from the deep.

But despite all the weird and wonderful varieties out there, there’s one on Snapchat I think we can all agree is a pretty fabulous filter as it ‘Disneyfies’ your pet to make them look even more adorable than they already are.

Credit: Facebook

One dog owner shared the tip-off in the Dogspotting Society Facebook group, writing: “For those that don’t know… Snapchat has a new filter and it basically Disneyfies your dog. YOU ARE WELCOME. Plz post your Disney dawgs here.”

Credit: Facebook

The post instantly went viral, racking up more than 6,000 likes and 2,000 comments within hours as everyone with a pet dog grabbed their phones to give it a go.

Credit: Facebook

Many other dog owners followed suit with their own four-legged friends, sharing the results in the thread.

Posting a photo of their pooch, one person wrote: “Aww omg.”

Credit: Facebook

Unfortunately, there was one doggo that didn’t quite manage to nail the filter, with its owner sharing their efforts and saying sarcastically: “He looks just like a prince now from Disney.”

Credit: Facebook

Have you tried it? Let us know if so and share it with us on Facebook!

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