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People make light of COVID-19 by sharing hilarious quarantine signs – with one woman trying to sell her husband

While a third of the world is believed to be on lockdown, it’s only natural that we try to make light of being advised to stay at home all day.

Frustrated people from around the world have chosen to express their true feelings by posting hilarious signs outside their homes.

Making light of the situation, with a rather clever pun, one of the signs, pasted on a family’s window in Columbus, Ohio, read ‘uninstall 2020, it’s got a virus,’ 

Columbus, Oh

Meanwhile, a spouse whose patience had reached its limits in Lisbon put a ‘husband for sale’ sign hanging on their balcony. 

Quarantine Is Going Well In My Neighborhood

And if you’re struggling to stay indoors, you could always try this tactic? Shaving your eyebrows would probably keep you on lockdown for a long time.

Spotted This In My City

US Cinema Chain, Sun-Ray, sends out a message that we can all relate to. Who else feels like their in a movie?

Sun Ray Keeping It Real

This homeowner in Australia was also keen to share their views on COVID-19, along with personal hygiene standards.

My Neighbors Front Lawn Dad Joke

Another anonymous user on social platform Reddit is counting the number of days going commando.

Days Since Pants

And if this sign doesn’t inspire you to re-watch Home Alone whilst in self-isolation, then nothing will!


After finishing Ozark, Gossip Girl, Breaking Bad, and every rom-com known to man, we’re also desperate for Netflix to launch some new releases.

In Watertown Massachusetts, a person with a lot of time on their hands claimed they finished 'Netflix' during the quarantine

If that wasn’t enough – even churches around the world are sending inspirational messages to passers-by, as way to stop stockpiling.

The Church In My Town Makes Me Laugh On A Weekly Basis

Any parents working from home will feel this mum’s pain, too.

The Joys Of Working From Home

Have you seen a funny self-isolation sign in your area? If you have let us know! We’d love to see it. Follow us on Facebook.

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