The Lake District is officially CLOSED to stop tourist visits during lockdown

Putting extreme new measures in place, it has today been announced that the Lake District is officially closed and no tourists are permitted to visit.

This is believed to be first time in its history that the national park has stopped visitors from entering.

For centuries walkers have flocked to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, especially during times of turmoil, to find solace among its beautiful fells.

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The announcement came following scenes from last weekend which saw thousands of tourists descend on the area in defiance of Government orders to stay indoors.

In a statement announced earlier this morning, Temporary Chief Superintendent Rob O’Connor said: ‘Last weekend we saw significant amounts of tourists travel to the Lake District, and my message is really simple, the Lake District is closed.

‘Pubs, cafes and restaurants are closed, and we do not want to see people travelling to the Lakes in caravans and camper vans or driving many miles in their cars to go walking on the fells.

‘The Government guidance is really clear in relation to personal movements to limit the spread of coronavirus.

‘It is really clear that people should not be travelling unless there is an essential reason to do so.

‘It does not mean on nice days you can drive into the Lakes and go walking, or ride your motorbike to Devils Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale.

‘I still want my officers to engage, explain and encourage the public in relation to the restrictions that are in place.

‘There is now legislation that means people can be fined for breaching the restrictions, but my preference is that my officers do not need to resort to doing so, and that the public show common sense and do not travel into the Lakes.

‘Over the weekend people will see my officers in the Lakes and the Kirkby Lonsdale areas, and they can expect to be stopped and asked whether their travel is essential.

‘As we saw on Thursday evening there was an outpouring of support nationally for the NHS, and people need to ensure they follow the Government guidance and restrictions in these unprecedented times to ensure we do not overburden the NHS.’

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The Lake District isn’t the only national park to close either, as after seeing sky high tourist numbers last weekend, all National Trust sites around the UK have now been shut off, to allow for social distancing.

Being labelled by the media as ‘covidiots’, people around the country are still set to ignore the measures put in place by the Government. Boris Johnson put the country on lockdown on Monday, advising that people should only be leaving the house for one hour of exercise or for essential shopping.

Whilst the UK lockdown is being revised after three weeks, the Prime Minister warns an extension will be put in place if people continue to ignore the guidelines.

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