This is OFFICIALLY the UK’s most hated motorway

A new study using Twitter data reveals which motorways are grinding the gears of drivers across the country

Driving is a subject that fuels a lot of emotion. From breakdowns and delays to road works and maintenence, if you’re sat in a lengthy traffic jam – chances are you aren’t very happy.

To find out which motorways are getting Brit’s geared up, a new study from Zuto Car Finance shows the number of positive and negative tweets each one has received over the last 12 months.

And, it seems drivers have been taking to Twitter to mouth off about some major routes in Scotland.

The M876 topped the list for the whole of the UK, with 90.7 per cent of 1804 tweets in the last 12 months describing a negative experience – with the M898, M77 and M74 also ruffling motorists’ feathers.

Coming in at number four is the M898: It might be one of the UK’s shortest motorways at just a half-mile long, but it holds its own in the driver-hate stakes.

The spur route from the M8 to the Erskine Bridge drew 81.3 per cent negativity over 858 tweets in the last year.

Top 10 most moaned about motorways and % of negative tweets

The data also reveals the motorways with the most positive tweets from the last 12 months, with the M45, running through Northampshire and Warwickshire, receiving 84.5% positivity.

The M66 and M11 are also high on the list, suggesting these are the roads we that allow us to cruise stress-free, leaving the traffic and drama behind.

Top 10 stress-free motorways and % of positive tweets

The motorways we fear the most

Interestingly, whilst one of the UK’s shortest motorways the M8989 is the one drivers fear the most, alongside the M8, which is also in Scotland, and recently dubbed as the country’s most dangerous road.

The M45 came in second place, joined by the M20 and M53.

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