You can live like Royalty for £13 a night in a caravan designed to look like Buckingham Palace

As many of us are ditching exotic holidays in favour of a Great British staycation this year, it turns out staying in a caravan can actually be pretty luxurious.

A first-of-its-kind holiday caravan that’s been designed to look just like Her Majesty’s Buckingham Palace inside has recently been unveiled – and it only costs £13.25 per person per night. Who knew you could live like royalty for a bargain price?

A holiday caravan that's been designed to look just like Her Majesty's Buckingham Palace residence inside has been unveiled – and it only costs £13.25 per person per night
Credit: Park Dean

Launched by Park Dean Resorts, it’s called The Royal Caravan and features chandeliers in every room, two gold-plated toilets, custom gold and red-velvet thrones ‘to command from’, a master-bedroom four-poster bed with crown decoration – and for guests with corgis, a dog-friendly royal dog bed and gold-plated dog bowls.

One may live like royalty: Guests at The Royal Caravan can command from custom gold and red-velvet thrones
Credit: Park Dean

Located in Cayton Bay, Scarborough, the caravan used to look a little more ordinary, but Parkdean Resortsgave it a £100,000 makeover to make it fit for Queen Elizabeth herself.

The caravan is operated by Parkdean Resorts, which spent £100,000 on the Buckingham Palace-style makeover
Credit: Park Dean

In the bathroom, you’ll see you can park your bottom on a gold plated toilet – which is probably the poshest wee you’ll ever have!

The caravan is located in Cayton Bay, Scarborough. Pictured here is one of two gold-plated toilets one may sit on
Credit: Park Dean

In the master bedroom, you’ll see it features a gold crown decoration above the head board of the gorgeous double bed.

Live the dream: The royal master bedroom - which features an eye-catching crown decoration
Credit: Park Dean

In the kitchen you’ll find another chandelier and even more fancy gold embellishments, so you can cook up a storm in style. Unfortunately, there’s no butler included as part of the stay.

The open-plan kitchen is no place for a royal but, says Parkdean Resorts, 'this filigree-laced haven will turn any task into a fairytale'
Credit: Park Dean

The second bedroom is just as blingy, with another chandelier and duck egg blue furnishings.

The Royal Caravan is available from £159 for a three-night stay. It sleeps four in two bedrooms
Credit: Park Dean

The listing says: ‘From the finest velvets and silks to golden touches and a gilded toilet, the Royal Caravan is the epitome of luxury, adding sumptuous style to your next staycation.’

HMRC: Her Majesty's Royal Caravan is the first of its kind, says Parkdean Resorts
Credit: Park Dean

To launch the campaign, the holiday resort has designed an MTV style video designed to look like the famous 2000’s show, Cribs.

In the video, Queen Vic opens the fridge, as is tradition on MTV Cribs, and sits on the bed in the royal bedroom. ‘This is not where the magic happens’, she stresses.

During the tour, we see ‘Kate and Wills’ sorting out the dishes in the fancy kitchen (‘a haven that will turn any task into a fairytale’) and relaxing on the terrace with cups of tea and Champagne, and get a peek inside ‘William and Harry’s room’.

We’re also shown ‘one’s gold-plated lavatory’.

The Royal Caravan is available from £159 for a three-night stay. That’s £13.25 per person per night. It sleeps four in two bedrooms. To book visit

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