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You can now get Jay from The Inbetweeners to send an abusive video to your mates for £40

If it’s your mate’s birthday coming up and you want to get him the best present ever – something that’ll top the scale on banter – we’ve got it covered.

Adam Buckley, who played Jay in The Inbetweeners, will send a personalised video message to a person of your choosing for £41.50.

The 32-year-old actor is offering up the service on personalised messaging site, Cameo, along with loads of other celebs.

You could get him to sing happy birthday, or in true Jay style, you could get him to shout some abuse at your mate.

All you have to do is submit the details of your request, pay the fee, and you will receive a link within a week.

In a video on his profile, the star makes no bones about why he’s on the platform.

It reads: “Now, I get asked a load of times to do video messages for people, and I could never be bothered to do it, until I found out that there was a way that I could do it for money.

“So if you want me to congratulate your brother’s birthday or maybe hurl some abuse at a friend of yours who’s getting married or something like that – I can do that all for you now, for a fee.

You can submit a request here.

If you’ve got a little more cash to splash, Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter is also on the site, however, he’s a bit more expensive, charging £176.79 for his videos.

It looks like the wizard is doing a magic with his shout-outs, as he has a 4.9 star rating.

One happy customer’s review reads: “Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! The Wizarding World is our daughter’s escape from her struggles with Asperger’s and social anxiety.

“You will never know what it means to us as parents to have someone like you take the time to do this for her. Truly, thank you from not just the bottom of my heart, but from my whole heart. I just may have to rethink my stance on Draco Malfoy. 😉 Just kidding. You are SO AWESOME!!!”

Other celebrities on Cameo include Man VS Food host, Adam Richman, Michael Rapaport (Friends and loads of other stuff) and Heidi Montag.

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