Hilarious Photoshop fails catch Instagram stars faking it for likes

Instagram vs reality is a real thing – and it’s also hilarious when you spot it on a post. Some people really need to take a training session on Photoshop before sharing their snaps on social.

Take a look at these hilarious influencer fails which prove nobody is perfect.

If only the weather followed us around…

I'm So Glad This Greek TV Host Has Her Own Personal Cloud That Follows Her Everywhere She Goes

Smile like those are your own teeth

I Don't Even Know

Think you missed a bit…

Such A Pretty Sunset :)

I thought I recognised that breakfast!

Well That's Something New

Oh, so she does have organs

Turns Out Those Organs Did Exist After All

She’s hiding more than just junk in that trunk…a booty full of lies

A$$ So Phat Even The Car Had To Make Space

It’s not just Barbie who’s made from plastic

Why Do Women Want To Look Like This??

Here’s another…

Who Needs Organs Anyway?

Hmmmm something smells fishy

I Posted The Left One Yesterday And People Were Not Believing That The Hair Don’t Belongs To Her

She’s waisting her time with this pic

The Baddest Indeed

There’s Officially NO Love Island This Year, But Next Year Fans Get DOUBLE Action

You can now get Jay from The Inbetweeners to send an abusive video to your mates for £40