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Netflix Releases A Ruthless Dead To Me Drinking Game

The second season of Netflix’s Dead to Me has received rave reviews on Netflix, with fans of the show dubbing it to be even better than the first series.

With unexpected twists and turns in every episode, the leading ladies Jen (played by Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) are proving to be as witty as ever.

But if you wanted to add a little more comedy while watching the brilliant show – then Netflix has the perfect answer.

The streaming network has devised a little drinking game… and it sounds like you’re going to get more than just a sip or a shot.

Credit: Netflix

You have to drink once if Jen says ‘f***’ twice in a sentence (the show is littered with swearing…eeek), Judy says ‘sorry’ or there’s an adorable puppy cameo.

Jen and Judy always seem to have a glass of wine in their hands – so you will have to get on board with their antics.

The Netflix drinking game requires you to take two sips if a character is seen drinking, something makes you gasp, scream or be left in shock, a cop begins to connect the dots over Steve’s murder or you sing along to the Holy Harmonies song.

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If Karen nearly ruins everything (which is highly likely) or there’s a huge plot twist (again…likely) then you have to finish your entire drink, regardless of how full it is.

As the second season begins *SPOILER ALERT* Jen is dealing with the fact that she’s just killed Judy’s husband Steve (James Marsden). She’s also dealing with the news that Judy and Steve were responsible for her husband’s death in a tragic hit and run.

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Rather than report Steve’s death, Jen and Judy decide the best thing to do is cover it up, despite neither of them knowing very much about how to dispose of a body.

CNN’s Brian Lowry wrote: “Dead To Me might have started with a fairly simple premise, but everything that’s happened since is a reminder that regardless of what the original idea is, there’s no substitute for smart execution.”

New York Magazine/Vulture’s Jen Chaney said: “Applegate continues to do the best work of her career as Jen, a role that enables her to explore moments of deep grief and fear while also playing to her strengths as a comedic actor who creates her best art in the medium of sarcasm.”

Dead To Me is available to stream on Netflix now.

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