The online beauty courses that’ll make you the most money after lockdown

By analysing the cost of training and starter kits for 60 popular beauty treatments, along with the average price charged by professionals, we reveal the most profitable beauty earners.

Millions of women have a ‘side hustle’ job to pursue their passions – and make a few quid on the side, but how do you know which direction to take?

If you’re a beauty addict who wants to stop spending and start earning, there’s a lot of money to be made in the industry, as its currently worth over £30billion in the UK alone.

To help you get started, Fragrance Direct explored the cost of training courses and starter kits for 60 popular beauty treatments, along with the average price charged by professionals around the UK.

As a result, we reveal the beauty side-hustles that make the biggest profit, along with the treatments that are the trickiest to train in.

Top of the class

The treatments with quickest profitability

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Diploma Training Course – Essex – Bella ...

Hair extensions are the quickest side-hustle to profit from, as you don’t have to be a qualified hairdresser to train up, and the start-up costs are very low. There’s not much included in the starter kit, either, meaning you don’t have to fork out on fancy equipment.

The biggest money makers

Semi Permanent Makeup Results

Semi-permanent makeup would make you the most money on average. If you specialised in eyebrow tattooing you could earn up to £207,740 a year, if you had 10 clients a week.

Overall, eyebrows are the facial feature set to make you the most money – but that’s no surprise, as brow loving Brits are obsessed with keeping them tame.

The cheapest to train in

It costs just £97.70 to become a qualified Reiki teacher, which is the cheapest treatment to train in from the 60 we analysed. Hair treatments that don’t need an NVQ or equivalent qualification are also very cheap to train in. So if you love doing updos and think you’ve got the skills to go professional – why not give it a go?

A pain to train

The hardest hustles

Whilst many ladies are offering dermal fillers, it takes a LOT of training, with a cost of £10,595 if you’re a total novice with no medical background. Not only that, it would take over two years to qualify and you’d have to carry out 78 treatments to earn your start-up costs back.

The cheapest treatments

Regardless of training costs, you need a treatment that pays a good amount of money. If you’re looking for a high earner, steer away from more traditional methods of threading and waxing – they are so 2010. If you specialised in eye-brow threading, you’d only earn £98 a week from 10 treatments.

The cheapest courses to take

If money is a little tight right now, but you’re keen to take on a new challenge, here are the top 5 courses that’ll cost you the least and reap the fastest rewards.

Beauty Treatment Number of treatments to pay off training cost Training costs, insurance & starter kit total
Micro Ring Hair Extension Application 2 £194
Bridal Hair & Up Dos 2 £164
Tape Hair Extensions 2 £199
Reiki 3 £97
Russian Volume Lash Extensions 3 £258

The biggest earners

Beauty Treatment Gross income per month (based on 10 clients a week for 47 weeks) Gross income per year (based on 10 clients a week for 47 weeks)
Semi-permanent makeup £2,700 £169,200.00
Ombre brows £2,258 £141,470.00
Microshading/Microblading £2,440 £114,680.00
Botox (three areas) £2,240 £105,280.00
Vampire facial (PRP) £1,938 £91,086.00

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